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Healthy Homes


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About the Kit

The Healthy Homes and Healthy Families Kit Program is a cooperative effort with Interchurch Medical Assistance, Inc. (IMA), a nonprofit organization owned by 12 American relief and development organizations.

The Healthy Homes, Healthy Families Kit is an infection control and basic care kit. It contains 22 essential supplies needed to take care of an ailing loved one and prevent the spread of infection. These basic medicines and supplies are needed for the day-to-day treatment and control of common infections and ailments.

Some of the kit's supplies are reusable, while the consumable items are sufficient for one month for one patient. The items in the kit may not be easily accessible or affordable to many families who need them. It is designed to bring both economic and physical relief to the patient and the patient's family. In addition, the kit contains an instruction booklet and will be supported by training. The booklet and training are designed to help people maintain a healthy home by containing the spread of infection. Healthy homes and healthy families lead to healthy communities.

Kit Contents

The Healthy Homes and Healthy Families Kit contains a mixture of items that are available over the counter and those that are not. For this reason, churches and individuals assembling the kits will need to provide the requested items and a monetary donation so IMA can purchase the remaining kit items.

It is important that the kit is assembled and shipped according to the specifications below.

Contents Provided by Churches and Individuals
1 new bath towel
1 new wash cloth
1 pair standard household gloves (latex or rubber)
2 new twin flat bed sheets and pillowcases, laundered
2 yards cotton fabric
1 large plastic container of talcum powder*
1 bar bath soap in original wrapper
1 large jar of petroleum jelly*

$100 donation for UMCOR Advance #982315 for the purchase of items to complete the kit and to cover shipping costs.

*NOTE: Please seal talcum power and petroleum jelly in resealable storage bags.

Contents Provided by IMA

Packing and Sending the Kit

  1. Pack the contents collected by your congregation or group in a sturdy carton and secure the box with reinforced tape.
  2. Clearly write your church or organization's name and address as the sender
  3. Write the following for the shipping address:

    IMA/UMC Health Family Kit
    c/o Brethren Service Center Annex
    601 Main Street
    New Windsor, MD 21776

If required by the shipping agency, include the phone number: 410-635-8720

  1. After you ship the kit contents, notify IMA of the shipment by sending this form via email to

Sending the Financial Contribution

  1. Send $100 for each Health Homes and Health Families Kit to UMCOR to provide funding for additional items and shipping.
  2. Write the check to UMCOR with "UMCOR Advance #982316, HFK" written on the memo line.
  3. Print and fill out the We Have Supported the HFK Program form
  4. Mail the check and the form to:

    475 Riverside Drive, Room 1500
    New York, NY 10115


Healthy Home

Order the free Health Homes and Health Families Kit booklet from the GBGM E-Store. The booklet contains more information about the kit and some promotional materials. Shipping costs apply. Order now




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